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     Dušica Luković (1989) started her music education in 1998 in “Stanislav Binički” school in Belgrade with Prof. Zora Vukosavljevic. Dušica completed her high school education with the highest grade in “Dr. Vojislav Vučković” school with Prof. Nenad Ljubenović. She graduated in 2012 at the Music Adacemy in Eastern Sarajevo with Prof. MA Danijela Gazdić. Apart from her Bachelor studies, Dušica completed her Master studes also with the highest grade, in 2014 performing a concert for accordion and orchestra by N. Chaykin.


     Dušica won a diploma for great achievements in school in 1998,  and another one for extraordinary success at the faculty (average mark 9.77) in the school year 2011/2012. As a soloist, Dušica won several national and international awards.


      Since June 2015 Dušica has been a member of Tanguango quinteto.


Dusica Lukovic foto
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