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Ljubica Damčević (1991) completed her elementary and

higher music education in “Dr. Vojislav Vučković” music school with Prof. Biljana Jakšić Nikolić. Ljubica completed her bachelor and master studies at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade with Prof. Marija Špengler. She has performed in numerous concert halls in Belgrad,  such as Kolarac hall, SASA (Serbian Academy of Science and Arts), Artget gallery, Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Russian Centre for Science and Culture etc.


Ljubica collaborated with numerous violin players and

pedagogues such as Prof. Dejan Mihailović, Prof. Vesna Stanković, Prof. Mincho Minchev, Prof. Dejan Bogdanović, Prof. Gordan Nikolić, Prof. David Takeno and Prof. Stefan Milenković.


Ljubica is a winner of numerous awards at national and

international competitions. She was a member of Tango Juventud Orchestra, winner of the 1st prize at Astor Piazzolla International Festival in Castelfidardo, Italy. Her interest for tango music she continued to develop with Tanguango quintet since 2013. Since 2013, with Katarina Ranković, a piano player, Ljubica has founded Katarina and Ljubica Duo playing and composing music.



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